Harusnya sih sekarang sudah mulai beres-beres kamar, tapi yang terjadi adalah.. ada di depan layar laptop, dan mengetik. Kalau katanya segala sesuatunya itu tergantung niat, maka yang terjadi dalam sebagian besar hidup saya adalah tergantung mood.

Niat beresin kamar mah niat bangeeetttt, secara beberapa hari lagi akan kedatangan banyak orang jadi pastinya ga mau donk kamarnya terlihat berantakan. Seandainya kamar bisa diterima apa adanya, seperti juga manusia. Hehe. Eh tapi manusia juga dilihat dari apa adanya ya.

Back to the niat, niat banget ya pasti ya. Tapi moodnya lagi males beresin kamar. Jadi gimana donk ya.. malah moodnya mau ngepost. Daripada ngepost beginian di facebook atau twitter, selain merasa ga enak nulis hal ga penting (menurut orang), hal remeh temeh begini mending dipost di blog. Biar ga ada yang comment aneh-aneh, biar ga memunculkan perasaan yang aneh-aneh. Oh social media. I’m thinking too much before posting anything in youuu.

Nah kalau nulis di sindang kan endes bo.. Mau nulis apaa terseraaahh, yang bacanya kan ga ada hahahahha. Diri sendiri doank paling. HAHAHAHA

Kadang gateeel banget pengen nulis hal-hal yang sifatnya pribadi. Tapi ga ada yang safe di dunia maya ini. Jadi.. pikir-pikir-pikir. Baru nulis. Ga jadi nulis.

Udah dulu deh ya.. sekarang mood saya mengatakan: pengen makan.

Niat sih nggak. Cuma moodnya lagi pengen begitu.

Jadi ya adek-adek, kata mutiara untuk hari ini adalah:

“Segala sesuatunya itu tergantung MOOD, bukan NIAT”



Eh, jangan lupa ya doain saya. Sabtu ini saya mau menikahh.. Kalau itu mudah-mudahan ga tergantung mood yaaa.. aneh banget sih. NIAT


Rain & Love

It is raining right now.. All I can remember is how I need a place to pour my mind.

Life does run so fast. Aging turned to be something I am scared of. How age can make me become more serious, and less fun. I am 28 now.

And soon to be a bride. And just realize how a marriage life is a super serious phase. Husband. Kids. Financial. Independent. Parenting. Business. And… Future.

I am worried. Much.

The series and continous questions of what-if’s sometimes in a sudden, keep popping in my head. I bet the same thing happens in all bride-to-be.

But at the same time, I am excited.. I am happy just by imagining a life with him. I know our marriage life won’t be smooth or forever romantic like chelsea and glenn. But at least I know from the very beginning that we will have the days of fights. We will argue and be upset to each other. We probably will not talk one another. I only hope one of us will end the fights.

It must be me.

Ok, usually him. But it always him who started the fight.

And I believe we will also have beautiful moments together. Because I believe this life was made from happiness and sadness. Yin and Yang. Good and bad. Fights and love. War and peace. Bitter and sweet. And other colors, feelings, and situations too.

But we will make it through. Yes we will (Aamiin!).

I love you, Dennis.

Semoga niat dan tujuan kita dikabulkan Alloh SWT. Aamiin.. Aamiinn.. Ya Robbal Alamiin.




Self Reminder

It is not about how much you have
Not about how much money in your bank account
Not about how much luxurious material you have

It is about how much you give
How much you share
How much you care

Life is too short to only think to have materials
Since it will never enough.
Yes you can dream to be rich, but reach it because you want to share more. To share as much as you can. To care the others, not to be selfish.

Be best as you can. If hard, be better. If still hard, be a good one.
As when you died, people will remember your kindness, not your materials.

You’ll always less time to have all physical things.
But all time in this universe to be good.




It was easy
To forget me
I left nothing
Not even a memory

But me?
I stand still
Clueless, with strong memories
Not even a will to forget them.

Oh yes, it was easy.
It will be always easy.

I’ll just stand still.
And pretend to move on.

To nowhere I go.


Seperti teh dingin di malam hari.
Atau segelas susu panas di bawah terik bintang merah.
Sepucuk surat lama dalam gelap dan hening sudut ruangan.
Catatan-catatan kecil yang hambar tak dibaca.
Sajadah yang terlalu bosan dalam basah ampunan.

Sebelum menyentuh angka 24.

OMG! .. Hai!

Duuun, been super long time ya!
Apa kabar dun?
Me here, fine, super, awesome! Yes yes, I knooow, kamu sudah debuan dimana-mana saking udah lama banget ga posting. Haha!

I’m posting this via my Android.. since.. well, I don’t know what happened to my wordpress. But everytime I tried to access it via browser from my laptop, it appears so slow.. I checked my internet connection, and there’s no problem with it. Then I googled what actually is going on with this wordpress, then there’s some people said it might be hacked. And they posted some tips to recover the wordpress site.

Well hell, it is too long, and my Einstein brain cannot get it.

So I ended up with downloading WordPress tool on my Android Note, and now I’m writing. Yay! Horay!

I also have problem here with my Blackberry Messenger, so I cannot BBMan with my boyfie, that’s why this poor girl decided to blog againnnn.. to say hello to the world! To Dunia! Again.. yayy! Horayy!

By the way Dun, I know you miss me.
But, I gotta go., and will catch you later..

Heyyy, jangan ngambek okee? I’m bringing my wordpress tool now everywhere I go, so.. practically, there will be no excuses to abandoning you again.


Hello, January! Hello 2013 !

A month apart, since the las post. 😀 heee.. Do not blame me.. A lot of things happened in just a month, that I couldn’t or had no mood to write anything or to post anything. It’s not about mood juga sih.. Most of karena I really don’t know how to start the story nor what to say. I’m in my “LABIL” phase or what they say as galau. Hoho, I’m still teenager, remember? So it’s fine and natural for me to be galau. 😀

Teenager.. a 25 years old teenager.

:)) Silly.

I think I don’t have to write the exact stories here, everything has been written in my diary. Yes, baby, I still have a diary and I’m proud of it. Here’s the thing: I’m confused between “to be independent entrepreneur — that means I have to leave JDC and start the business by my own self, a home businnes, taking all of the risks” or “stay in JDC and together start the business with a bigger scale, sharing the risks”. I tried to list the pluses and minuses, talked and shared with closest relatives and also JDC. They have different opinions, but you know, whatever people would say, it’s only you who can change your path. Only you, who know what’s good, what’s bad, what would be fit, or what wouldn’t be fit for yourself.

So here I am, in JDC, and decided to try. To try to start the business with JDC. 🙂 

I don’t know, I just feel relieved and more happy, more cheerful (never ever imagine me with cheerful in its origin definiton, imagine me cheerful in a flat way please since I have this flat face) after decided to stay in JDC. Hope this is a good sign. Aamiin

People lie, but heart doesn’t lie.

That’s what I know.


Ps. Wish me luck, Dun



I don’t need an admin, I need a MANAGER please..

Dear world,


So.. this is the classic me. When everything’s going hectic, I’ll be here. Yes, making another absurd post.

In this lovely and sunny Sunday, I actually have to do some photoshoot for the upcoming shoes. But since outside, the sun is so likely ready to burn your skin – this is exaggerating, I postpone the photoshoot till the heat is friendly. And I use this excuse to make a post! HAHAHAHA *evil’s laugh*

You know, people say when you chose to be an entrepreneur, you have to be ready to wear ALL hats. Currently, not just the hats, I also run things which should be done with the operational guys, you know like that packing and delivering the packages, driving, buying the materials, loading them to the car, and those those operational stuffs. What a wonderwoman me. Hell no.

Now I won’t talking about that wonderwoman stuff since I’m not sexy (???). I’m gonna curhat about how. I. really. really. really. need. someone. who. can. share. thoughts. or. can. think. about. dream. and. hope. shoes. now. and. on. I need someone who can share the ideas about this business passionately. PASSIONATELY. Yes. Not just the babblings while we all can see, this people talk about something that his/her heart not in it. That would be empty.

Like seriously? I don’t need admin, I mean if I have to choose would I hire ten admins or a manager? I would choose to hire just a manager (+ couples of admins if allowed hehe, however admins are also important). Can I, can I? I have to talk to my soon-to-be investors about this.

Oh, and I still owe my thoughts and muscles for business plan. It is due this December. And, my market research is also due to this December. My birthdate is also due to this December. And I STILL HAVE TO MAKE SALES 18 millions due to this December. And I hope my life is not due to this December.

I’m so. freakin. out.

Wish me luck? :’)



Problems are problems.

Katanya, kata “masalah” itu terdengar negatif makanya sebisa mungkin dihindari penggunaan kata tersebut. Jadi, saya sempat setuju dengan pemikiran itu dan kemudian mendapati diri saya kesulitan mencari kata lain dari masalah ketika saya pada kenyataannya memang sedang berhadapan dengan masalah. Jadi, instead saying I’m facing a problem, I would rather choose: OH, IT”S A CHALLENGE FOR ME! Dan ga tau kenapa, itu kedengerannya lebih kayak.. menghibur diri. menyemangati diri dalam menghadapi masalah. Lah sesungguhnya?? Ya sama aja ga sih?

Masalah tetep masalah.

Problems are problems.

Seeeeebesar apapun saya berusaha menghindari penggunaan kata MASALAH. Realitanya, itu ya tetap masalah. Dan kita ga bisa ngehianatin juga kalii sama orang yg udah nemuin kata itu. Ehm. Ok, ga penting dibahas soal penemu katanya. Cuma, maksud saya, no matter how hard you are avoiding PROBLEMS, problems will always be there. Waiting you to solve them. Not to avoid them.

Jadi, ga masalah juga masalah terdengar negatif atau apa lah. Lah dia tetep masalah kan. Masalah yg memang nunggu utk dihadapi dan diselesaikan. face to face, Eye to eye, nose to nose.. oh we’re so this close (kayak kenal sama liriknya, Rihanna ya? *ngarang).

Dan kalau ga ada masalah, ga bisa belajar juga gimana melalui badai. Kece ga nih kata2nya.. (geli sendiri).

Gitu sih. Saya mulai berpedoman pada “Semesta terbentuk dari energi positif dan negatif”.

You know what I mean?

Because I don’t know what I mean. :/





True Beauty is..

Cantik itu bukan putih. Bukan rambut hitam lurus panjang. Bukan langsing. Bukan kaki jenjang. Bukan juga wajah lonjong. Atau tulang pipi tinggi.

Cantik bukan soal ras atau suku tertentu atau bangsa tertentu. Cantik bukan Barbie. Apalagi Miss Universe.

Cantik itu tidak tunggal. Bukan mainstream. Karna dia unik, dan ga bisa disamain antara satu orang dan orang lainnya. Cantik itu kombinasi. Antara apa yang kita punya secara lahiriah + apa yang terpancar dari dalam (jiwa, otak, hati, sikap, dsb dst). Itu cantik. Menurut gw. Dan jika di dunia ini gw bisa memusnahkan satu hal. Itu adalah..


Dan produk-produk pemutih sejenisnya.

Sekian. Dan terima kasih.