Who is Cindellina?

“Who is Cindellina?”

on Bangka beach...

on Bangka beach...


a young lady who loves to play behind the scenes…

who loves art. loves colors. loves earth and the living creatures on it.. loves to read novel. loves to laugh. loves to dream. loves challenges. loves photograph. loves clouds. loves stars and other sky things. loves to draw. loves to analyze. loves to chat. loves to love. loves to be loved. loves movies. loves games. loves children. loves Allah, Nabi Muhammad, and family much. and loves anyone who have made time to read this post. πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Who is Cindellina?

    • hi clooo..:D aku udah mampir. Seru ya blognya.. jadi inget jaman dahulu kala waktu sma. Ehm. Like hundred years ago..

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