Rain & Love

It is raining right now.. All I can remember is how I need a place to pour my mind.

Life does run so fast. Aging turned to be something I am scared of. How age can make me become more serious, and less fun. I am 28 now.

And soon to be a bride. And just realize how a marriage life is a super serious phase. Husband. Kids. Financial. Independent. Parenting. Business. And… Future.

I am worried. Much.

The series and continous questions of what-if’s sometimes in a sudden, keep popping in my head. I bet the same thing happens in all bride-to-be.

But at the same time, I am excited.. I am happy just by imagining a life with him. I know our marriage life won’t be smooth or forever romantic like chelsea and glenn. But at least I know from the very beginning that we will have the days of fights. We will argue and be upset to each other. We probably will not talk one another. I only hope one of us will end the fights.

It must be me.

Ok, usually him. But it always him who started the fight.

And I believe we will also have beautiful moments together. Because I believe this life was made from happiness and sadness. Yin and Yang. Good and bad. Fights and love. War and peace. Bitter and sweet. And other colors, feelings, and situations too.

But we will make it through. Yes we will (Aamiin!).

I love you, Dennis.

Semoga niat dan tujuan kita dikabulkan Alloh SWT. Aamiin.. Aamiinn.. Ya Robbal Alamiin.




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