Dear Genta,

You might not remember. One day we ever visited a house owned by a married couple with 2 boys, and mama & papa were amazed by how big the house is. The garage is even as large as our entire house. And they even have a lift in the house! 

We were wondering how they make the money, lol. 

But then, I said to your papa. Everytime we see all these luxury and money things, we don’t know what they have been through, what happened in their lives, Etc etc.

Later did we know, we found out that they were in process of divorce. 

Which is, a sad thing for the family.

Sometimes mama and papa thinking, if we were rich and can buy all the things that the world offer, can we still be this happy, like happiness we have now?

Can you see the formula of happiness, Genta?

The answer is not money.

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