OMG! .. Hai!

Duuun, been super long time ya!
Apa kabar dun?
Me here, fine, super, awesome! Yes yes, I knooow, kamu sudah debuan dimana-mana saking udah lama banget ga posting. Haha!

I’m posting this via my Android.. since.. well, I don’t know what happened to my wordpress. But everytime I tried to access it via browser from my laptop, it appears so slow.. I checked my internet connection, and there’s no problem with it. Then I googled what actually is going on with this wordpress, then there’s some people said it might be hacked. And they posted some tips to recover the wordpress site.

Well hell, it is too long, and my Einstein brain cannot get it.

So I ended up with downloading WordPress tool on my Android Note, and now I’m writing. Yay! Horay!

I also have problem here with my Blackberry Messenger, so I cannot BBMan with my boyfie, that’s why this poor girl decided to blog againnnn.. to say hello to the world! To Dunia! Again.. yayy! Horayy!

By the way Dun, I know you miss me.
But, I gotta go., and will catch you later..

Heyyy, jangan ngambek okee? I’m bringing my wordpress tool now everywhere I go, so.. practically, there will be no excuses to abandoning you again.



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