Hello, January! Hello 2013 !

A month apart, since the las post. 😀 heee.. Do not blame me.. A lot of things happened in just a month, that I couldn’t or had no mood to write anything or to post anything. It’s not about mood juga sih.. Most of karena I really don’t know how to start the story nor what to say. I’m in my “LABIL” phase or what they say as galau. Hoho, I’m still teenager, remember? So it’s fine and natural for me to be galau. 😀

Teenager.. a 25 years old teenager.

:)) Silly.

I think I don’t have to write the exact stories here, everything has been written in my diary. Yes, baby, I still have a diary and I’m proud of it. Here’s the thing: I’m confused between “to be independent entrepreneur — that means I have to leave JDC and start the business by my own self, a home businnes, taking all of the risks” or “stay in JDC and together start the business with a bigger scale, sharing the risks”. I tried to list the pluses and minuses, talked and shared with closest relatives and also JDC. They have different opinions, but you know, whatever people would say, it’s only you who can change your path. Only you, who know what’s good, what’s bad, what would be fit, or what wouldn’t be fit for yourself.

So here I am, in JDC, and decided to try. To try to start the business with JDC. 🙂 

I don’t know, I just feel relieved and more happy, more cheerful (never ever imagine me with cheerful in its origin definiton, imagine me cheerful in a flat way please since I have this flat face) after decided to stay in JDC. Hope this is a good sign. Aamiin

People lie, but heart doesn’t lie.

That’s what I know.


Ps. Wish me luck, Dun




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