I don’t need an admin, I need a MANAGER please..

Dear world,


So.. this is the classic me. When everything’s going hectic, I’ll be here. Yes, making another absurd post.

In this lovely and sunny Sunday, I actually have to do some photoshoot for the upcoming shoes. But since outside, the sun is so likely ready to burn your skin – this is exaggerating, I postpone the photoshoot till the heat is friendly. And I use this excuse to make a post! HAHAHAHA *evil’s laugh*

You know, people say when you chose to be an entrepreneur, you have to be ready to wear ALL hats. Currently, not just the hats, I also run things which should be done with the operational guys, you know like that packing and delivering the packages, driving, buying the materials, loading them to the car, and those those operational stuffs. What a wonderwoman me. Hell no.

Now I won’t talking about that wonderwoman stuff since I’m not sexy (???). I’m gonna curhat about how. I. really. really. really. need. someone. who. can. share. thoughts. or. can. think. about. dream. and. hope. shoes. now. and. on. I need someone who can share the ideas about this business passionately. PASSIONATELY. Yes. Not just the babblings while we all can see, this people talk about something that his/her heart not in it. That would be empty.

Like seriously? I don’t need admin, I mean if I have to choose would I hire ten admins or a manager? I would choose to hire just a manager (+ couples of admins if allowed hehe, however admins are also important). Can I, can I? I have to talk to my soon-to-be investors about this.

Oh, and I still owe my thoughts and muscles for business plan. It is due this December. And, my market research is also due to this December. My birthdate is also due to this December. And I STILL HAVE TO MAKE SALES 18 millions due to this December. And I hope my life is not due to this December.

I’m so. freakin. out.

Wish me luck? :’)




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