Sky :)

DSCN6506, originally uploaded by delina ikada.

Dear Sky,
This is why I keep taking your pictures. No matter what happen in you, you are always beautiful :). I think , you are the greatest masterpiece that God has made. Hehe.. So, if we were allowed to love things, I would choose to love and marry you! Hahahahaha, this sounds insane by the way.. I was kidding.
And by starring at you, I was like … pervading your beauty and energy.
I need them since what happened in the past few days. I know, 24 years doesnt mean I already learned about life. I now much more understand about people.. and by answering more on why’s , I think the chance of me to blaming or judging people becomes more waning. And, It’s time to forgive myself after the little journey I’ve made. It’s time to apologise to those who accidentally, being part of the journey. It’s time for me to go back to Him.
I already chose what kind of life I want to live in. And, whatever it is, what I know.. I have to more more more appreciate on myself. I was born as beauty, so was everyone. I was given a beautiful life with beautiful people around me. I could dream beautiful dreams. I could have beautiful chances. I could sing beautiful songs (HAHAH tho I can’t sing it beautifully), anddd I could see and draw beautiful things. Those are just little examples of so many perfect things I have in my life! Why would I betray this? Doesn’t make any sense, eh? So, yeah, Sky.. this just something I want to share to you.. Thanks for listening.. without ever judging. That’s you, by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

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