.. Burst …

Dear God,

I never speak literally with you on this cyber page. Have no idea why I started to talk with you here. This, the weird feeling may be the reason why I finally ended up here.

There’s nothing who can’t be explained. Everything has an explanation. But frankly, I can’t see reasons why this circle heart stuck into a name. This holy organ suddenly, stopped. And at the time it stopped, my nerves shaking so hard.. that makes the eyes burst into tears.

Burst.. for nights.

Why is it, God? Thought I’d moved on. Thought I already accept everything. Thought I don’t have to ask You Ā a time machine. Thought I will always love without expecting to be loved. Thought I could remember the memories with smile. I used to. But why now I can not to?

Haven’t I moved on? why I have this type of heart? Oh now I’m laughing on myself.

Silly, eh, God? … I know I am.



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