That Simple. :)

This is kind of silly. I actually already posted this post like long ago, but WITHOUT the body text. So it’s only the title which appears. Yang saya inget, waktu itu memang ada yang mau saya tulis, tapi berhubung saya run out of time, jadi cuma judulnya aja gitu.. Dan sekarang saya lupa sebenernya mau nulis apa dengan judul begitu. Ngomong-ngomong, is there any of you (krik krik) who at the same time not just taking or gaining advantages from internet, but also sharing or uploading something (nooo not that personal pictures with your BIG faces on it, geez, not that one) or maybe write a post containing useful information? to the internet?

I’m a kind of person who apparently.. making an imbalance of this TAKE and GIVE concept. I Β don’t know exactly how many pictures, information, data, softwares, or inspirations I gained from internet. I don’t have enough brain cells to count them all.. but I believe it’s a lot because I count them with heart .. ehm.. pertaining I’m lack of Β that brain cells thing.

And.. you know, world, dun, earth.. I was like in the phase.. where.. how if there’s no one who shared the pictures, the data, the all information I need at that time? How if I gained nothing? well, then.. I’d be longer sitting on one of the library chairs. I’d be longer looking up for a little information I need from those thousands of random books. Or.. I’d be longer exploring each bookstores to find the info I need. At the end, I’d be spending more money.. and time as well.

But, the internet.. and the people behind it.. make my job way easier. I do thank for Tim Berners Lee for his invention of super magical triple W “www”.. (Do I look cool to remember such name like Tim Berners Lee? wkwkwkwk.. ehm. I googled him just before btw πŸ˜€ ) , and also big thanks for two brilliant guys who made Google exists. And last but not least, people (it can be you) who already uploaded or shared your data, info, pictures, any (good) thing to the internet, that I already downloaded or copied. You upload, I download, You upload, I download… like it never ends.

But.. another but. Hehe.. It’s time for me to share. Right? It’s time to not just saying thank you that makes ‘thank you’ sounds cheapy. But, I’ll be doing something like I mean my words of thankyou. Jadi.. tada! Saya mau mulai berbagi apa yang saya punya.. Yaa, not many I have sih, tapi mau mulai berbagi hal yang ada di folder-folder lapuk saya.. semisalnya skripsi, artworks, foto-foto narsis perlu ga ya? hoho.. atau pengetahuan yang saya punya. That’s the little thing I can do sih to thank people who made my day easier. Tapi semoga, kebaikan kecil ini akan memberikan manfaat yang sama untuk orang lain. Dan who knows kannn.. ada delin lain yang kemudian tersadar dan lalu mulai mau berbagi (niat doank juga ga apa2. kayak saya sekarang ini kan masih niat.. niat mau berbagi. πŸ˜€ hihihi). Dan..semakin banyak data di dunia maya yang bisa dibagi akan semakin keren bukan?

I take. And give. That simple.

Ok, dun. So I’ll be starting to share… started from… NOW.

Yes, NOW. Oh, sorry.. I mean.. on the next posttt.. πŸ˜€



Ciaooo, lets share, baby!!



Ps. I promised, this won’t be just omongkosong. Promised.



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