Please tell me about yourself

It was actually a very simple question. But though it was, I found myself so hard to answer that question. It’s not because I don’t know who I am, it’s more because from what point I should start to describe myself. Course after the names, age, the education backgrounds, the this and that,.. the things that I used to mention on my CV. But then what? what else?

The last interview I had, was kind of disaster. I do mean it. I even can’t explain myself better. I answered the above question with only three sentences. I told the interviewer about my names, my birthdate, and……………… my college. Beautiful eh? I told you. It was kind of disaster. It was a hurricane!

And I finished my words by… a big grin. Wonderful. What an ending.

So, my brain was totally collapsed. The coordination between my Einstein (inversed) brain and my lips…. was disconnected.. completely detached off. I was about totally black-out. I didn’t know how and what to continue my answer. I couldn’t find the perfect and exact words to describe myself….. I was a total fatal loser. I would love to, “Yuhuuu.. hello delin, take it easy pleaseee”… but how come I could take it easy if I even couldn’t answer the very simplest thing like this. Within the million words I have, the decades of age, the hundreds time writing a paper, the hours talking with people, the years of education, I still haven’t had one single paragraph to describe about myself. My own self. Not anyone else’s.

…………..such a pity.

So, this describing-ownself-paragraph would be my new task. And my very first list of my 2011 resolution.

Ya, tada, everyone! I’ve just list one of my resolution. What a progress, eh? *laughing-crying-at-the-same-time

Catch you later, world!



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