After chance, there is a change.

There are two particular things I’ve learned about life:

1. Chance does come twice.

2. People change. Everyone changes. Universe moves. Time goes. And so on.

I keep hearing from maaanyy people, the nearest is my mom.. who said: “Chance only come for once, Delin. Once you decided not to take it, then you’ll lose it. And never will get it.”

But somehow,…. I was hardly to believe it.

I was hardly to.. accept those words. So then, I spent my time to think. To think about chance itself. What it is actually, and why most of people think it never come twice. To make it simple, I started to believe the opposite. For such long seconds or minutes or hours of thinking Β with so much “hmmm” .. “ummm” … “a…”, I finally could ensure myself that chance actually doesn’t come just once for us. I mean, .. it comes to us not only once, but also twice.. three times.. four times.. or more.. only just sometime.. in different shapes. Different forms. Different layers. But still same in the core, in the essential part.

Well… then, what is the essential part, Delin?

The essential part.. hmm.. I don’t know. Now, your turn to think.

Why is it always me?hehe.

Kidding. I think.. the essential part is the opportunity itself. to make something happen.. to make your dream come true.. but basically, to reach your main goal. πŸ™‚

I have no idea how,where, or when it comes… since the track is barely seen. I just notice some possibilities. Sometimes, it comes to me just like that, like in a sudden. Dropped right in front ofΒ  my feets. Without signs before it. So, the rest is all up to me.. whether I’ll take it or not?

And sometimes..

Chance doesn’t appear to me that easy. Guess for this case, … I have to make it by myself. Or in another word, get myself included in the process of making the chance. πŸ™‚ how? Heaven’s secret. πŸ˜€

Ah ya, I have my best formula to decide when I will take the chance or not, which guides me to

When I feel not ready .. not sooo prepared well, I won’t dare myself to take the chance unless I’m sure I’m ready for it. Until I’ve made some elaborate preparations. Because someone said…

“Successful will arise when chance meets preparation”

And after the chance,

there is a change.

The second thing I want to say on this cyber paper.. But guess I’ll tell you—hey, world— later.. πŸ™‚ tomorrow maybe? let see. Reminding I have a bad habit of abandoning this blog. πŸ˜€ hehe.

Chaow. Muach!



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