Some words to be told

Today, not just like the other days in this week..

I planned not to go anywhere. I planned not to entry any datas of my research project.

I planned not to do anything related to campus stuffs.

I was just watching movies this morning. Plain. But I guess perfect for having some breaks.

That was my plan however. Now, I got another plan for today. This afternoon, only if I’m not too lazy to get up my ass from the sofa, I’ll be going to the store book to find if there’s any cute book for my personal notebook (read: diary).

Since I felt not too content writing in this blog, sharing my personal life to the world.. I wish I could get the book as fast as possible. I know, I love to share. But somehow, for daily life stories, I prefer to write it on my own diary.. I’ve tried to replace it with this blog for these days. But then Yaa, I realized… diary has never been replaced by any kind of blogs. Except I chose private blog.. there’s one, I’ve seen it… and you can’t go to the blog unless you got password for itself. Geez, not an option for me. 😦 Somehow, I just want anyone could get the informations they’re searching for.. My blog doesn’t serve much good and useful information, I know.. 🙂 But at least, this blog could give you little refreshment (hahaha now I’m dying) and little information (even it’s just crap and not that important).

At least, I’m a good person who wants to share to this world.

or maybe in another way.. I’m the one who’s looking for some existency. 😛

Enough, delin.

Good bye, world..

Have a great saturday!


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