The Dreams I have.

It always nice to write down my thoughts. So, this time.. I’m going to write (read: type) what my dream seems alike…

ya, then… here it goes…

Actually, the field of study that I’m most interested in is art, especially art of creating (design), and art of building (architecture). But, since this field costs much money and I knew that my dad was low of budget, I decided not to take this kind of field, dismally. When I was in my 2nd year of Elementary School, I met my talent for the very first time after I accepted many compliments from my teachers and friends about my drawings. Then, when people started to ask me what I want to be in my future, I always said that I want to be an architect or designer. My love of art kept growing and growing until that day, when I had to continue my study to university. My goal was contrary to my parents’ economic condition. My dad suggested me to take a major which related to food (my parents run a small business in bakery and cake). I didn’t want to see them suffered of paying my college fee, so I followed his suggestion and I chose Science of Nutrition as my major in Bogor Agricultural University. Besides all, I always want to be a person who can be useful to my family and also society (reminding malnutrition is still one of the big issue in Indonesia). In Community Nutrition, we have a course called nutrition education. This is how my interest develops. I used to think about concentrating in the media of nutrition education. I was realized that art is everywhere. Whatever the major I take, I still can apply art in the field I take right now.  It was great when I can meet them together.

“Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.”

(Rudyard Kipling The Ballad of East and West)

But in my version that would be:

“Oh, Art is art, and nutrition is nutrition, and so the twain shall meet”

How does it work?

We all know that nutrition is still the big issue in this country. Nutrition might no be that important if they don’t have a great role in human body to improve the quality of someone’s life, such as being more productive, active, and even more happier. Indonesia faces two kind of nutrition problems, those are under nutrition and over nutrition. Because of the importance of nutrition, and the serious problem we have on it, and besides, that’s my current major right now, so that after graduated from university, I am going to work in Department of Health of the Indonesia government. I’m willing to help the Government (even though I play the small role) to improve the Indonesian’s nutritional status. Department of Health administer program in education as well as in health and social services. This program of education, however, needs  media to help them in communicating the main points of nutrition program they have made. So, instead of paying expensively some designers, they can hire me to create and design the media. In addition, I have an education background of nutrition, while designers don’t.


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