The Miracle.

Kemarin, waktu chatting bareng Desy, we’ve just got some new names.

D D D M R A C L.

Delin Desy Deris Mita Risda Aim Cici Lala.

But, it sounded weird. So Desy changed it.

D 3 M R A C L.

It is written better. And when you say it, it sounds more like “De MRacel”.

D E M R A C E L.

But then, it sounds more more like…….

De Miracel.
The Miracle.

Until I knew, you guys are truly definitely absolutely supremely extremely the miracle in my life.

We support each other, we cry one another, we laugh together.

We have been through the most killer things, we have been through the most disgusting things when the injustice started to fail us, we have been through the hardest time with those horrible assignments. But at the end, we laugh about it.

And the world seems getting friendly and better.

I call you my miracle, as the gift Alloh has given to me.

And for all the GM’ers, you are also my miracle. πŸ™‚
Our journey is still “oh no!” .. long.. and I hope we can stick together. forever.

This is my first note. And it’s all about you, guys … :))
I fall in love with all my friends…

Ps. Ini bukan posting separatis untuk GM. I hope you all understand this. Sometimes we meet our best best special friends where we feel most comfort being with them.

Much love and muach!

Delin. Nong. Crut. Ceu. A.


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